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The largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia consists of about 18,110 islands, of which, 6000 are inhabited. Home to various ethnic groups, the country plays host to numerous cultural, natural and historical attractions.

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The word famous island of paket wisata Bali is not only one of Indonesia's top paket tour singapore attractions; it is also one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. Volcanic hillsides, lush rice terraces, tropical beaches and rugged coastlines, all add to its alluring natural splendour. The combination of such enchanting environment, magnificently visual culture, friendly people and spirituality, make for a remarkable holiday experience.
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One of the world's most famous Buddhist temples, the Borobudur paket tour bangkok in Indonesia is steeped in history. Before becoming one of the premier attractions in the country, it lay hidden in the jungle for ages. Yet another great tourist draw is the Komodo National Park where you can catch a glimpse of the largest living reptile in the world. paket wisata malang

paket tour lombok Consisting of three miniature islands; Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan, Gili Islands are also among the top attractions in the country. These tranquil islands are ideal to relax in, enjoying some beachside activities. wisata banyuwangi

A somewhat distinctive tourist destination is Torajaland where one will see houses with strikingly unique roofs. Visitors can explore the lifestyle of its locals known as Toraja people. Afterwards one can head over to Bunaken which is one of the most popular snorkelling and dive sites in the country.

Two other not to be missed sites are the active volcano paket tour eropa known as Gunung Bromo and the Baliem Valley which offers an insight into a unique past. However, for some wildlife exploration, the best place to visit is the Tanjung Puting National Park. A famed ecotourism destination, it is home to such species as pythons, sun bears, clouded leopards, macaques, gibbons and more. paket wisata belitung

The beautiful volcanic lake known as Lake Toba also makes for a must visit owing to its enthralling natural beauty and historical significance.

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Travellers who prefer to stay at luxury hotel resorts, will be more than pleased with what Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas have to offer. With desirable locations and an array of excellent comforts, these are surely some of the finest luxury hotels in the country.paket tour korea

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