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Thoughts on Unit 8: Narrative

Objavljeno 11 January 2014, 01:49 AM

Well, hello there, long time no see. It's been, like, two hours since I've written the last entry. The fact that it's one in the morning and I'm wide awake, singing and almost dancing to all the Arctic Monkeys albums isn't a fun fact, especially knowing I have to have an early start. So, I thought to myself: „might as well finish Unit 8“.

I really liked the unit! It was very interesting, entertaining and uncomplicated. I had fun with all the tasks. Writing the story with a partner, not knowing what to expect from them, writing about the history of my hometown Pula that gave me the opportunity to share one of the many myths and legends of it's past and writing stories about gold-finding gardeners. It was the absolute best way one could end a course!

Furthermore, I would like to say that I undoubtedly learned a great deal during the course of this class. My English got better with every unit and my writing started to be more and more fluent. Yes, yes I realize that writing can't do that, but I meant that my train of thought is a lot faster with linkers and other words coming on their own, not depending on endless linking words lists and 300 tabs open with translators, spell checkers and dictionaries. So, job well done Ms VVE! :D

Strange, that this should be my last post. Seriously enjoyed writing each and everyone of them. All I can do now is wish everyone good luck with exams and hope the same luck follows me through the second round. See you on the 6th! Hasta la vista, babies.

Thoughts on Unit 7: Diplomacy and War

Objavljeno 10 January 2014, 21:56 PM
Nadograđeno Saturday, 11 January 2014, 11:06 AM

First of all, I think an apology is in order for the overdue homework assignment. So, sorry ms VVE! But, you probably know how it goes: 355 cousins to visit, 500 friends to get coffee with, 800 sleepovers  with your best friend because you hadn't seen her in a month and so on and so forth..

Contrary to my expectations, the unit was really interesting. Especially the last assignment, because I had to research how the whole thing in Syria got started. So, I'm a little bit smarter right know and in a perfect position to show off in front of my friends, haha!

To finish off, I hope everyone had nice holidays and got at least half a kilogramme, 'cause if you didn't I can presume they weren't very good ;) Gotta get crackin' now, there's still another unit to go. Peace out!

Thoughts on Unit 6: Action

Objavljeno 16 December 2013, 11:16 AM

Ugh, that lasted a bit longer than expected. Not because the unit was boring or demanding, but yet again, because of my procrastination. The funny part is that I completed everything except the last exercise on Thursday and since the wall hasn't been opened yet I decided to do it later. Well, 'later' turned out to be Monday morning. Better late than never!

On a more 'student like' note, the unit as a whole was OK. It was fun describing the process of removing ones makeup because I'm kind of a makeup fanatic. Everything considering beauty from face creames, shampoos, nail polishes etc. I will get my hands on, eventually. I can't describe to you the physical pain I endure when I see a new beauty product but I don't have money to buy it. It's not that I buy expensive products, but being on a student budget really makes you sort out your priorities. It wouldn't be the first month that I skipped on those cornflakes and bought nail polish. I also liked describing the learning process, although, mine and Dora's is very similar. I guess you can't be very imaginative about that.

All in all, the unit was entertaining and it included a light subject. I can already see that the next one requires deep thought processes and politic discussions. Better prepare myself mentally! Maybe I can even do it tomorrow, before Christmas brake because I know I won't do it during. In the words of Doctor Who (#11): Geronimooo!

Thoughts on Unit 5: Description

Objavljeno 01 December 2013, 21:12 PM

What a likeable unit!

After spending my weekend mostly relaxing and hanging out with friends, getting back to work is always exhausting. But, I really enjoyed this unit! It was short and sweet. And by sweet I mean that it gave me really bad cravings about chocolate, when we had to describe it to you, but, thankfully Lidl is 10 minutes away and my laziness prevailed. Also, I really didn't want to get out of my PJ's!
I was also a little bit discouraged when I realized that I have a boring, big mobile phone so I was worried that my description was going to be boring and unoriginal. I tried to make it sound as special as possible.
Furthermore, I couldn't watch the video on how to make descriptions more interesting so I settled for the book to guide me through, however, I'm not sure the video didn't work because of my software problems or because of a bug that happened when you posted it?

To conclude, I liked this unit and I'm exited to review my colleagues work. Now, I'm going to lay around a little bit more, 'cause I haven't done that in like, 2 hours. Hurray, December is here!

Thoughts on Unit 4: Crime and Punishment

Objavljeno 26 November 2013, 01:24 AM
Nadograđeno Tuesday, 26 November 2013, 01:27 AM

First of all, I'd like to say I love the title of this unit. A little bit of Dostoevsky reference never hurt anybody.

Secondly, I actually liked the whole unit. The trouble is, we've all been so busy trying to pass our exams that we are pretty much annoyed by anything that's trying to distract us from that goal. Unit 4 covered an important part of human existence and social interaction. I also quite enjoyed the new vocabulary, commenting on quotes and interpreting articles. Although, it's been all done in a couple of night shifts I really think I did an O.K. job for a person whose sleeping schedule includes passing out around midnight.

Finally, I'm sorry I don't have any more input on Unit 4 but seeing as I have to get up around 8 a.m. I would really like to bring this entry to a close. In the words of Effie Trinket and regarding the reborn The Hunger Games: Catching Fire mania: May the odds be ever in your favour!

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