Research project IP-2018-01-6363 Development and thermal properties of intelligent clothing (ThermIC).

Basic information

Project name: Development and thermal properties of intelligent clothing
Project number: IP-2018-01-6363
Project acronym: ThermIC
Funding instrument: Croatian science foundation
Duration: 1 January 2019 - 31 December 2022
Project cost: 828.100,00 HRK
Principal Investigator: Prof. PhD. Dubravko Rogale
University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology
Prilaz baruna Filipovica 28a, 10000 Zagreb – Croatia
Telephone: ++385 1 3712540

This research was funded by the Croatian Science Foundation

A team of scientists of the Faculty of Textile Technology is dealing with the development of an intelligent clothing with adaptive thermal insulation properties. They have developed and patented two generations of prototypes where sensors monitor the state of outdoor environment and the microclimate of intelligent clothing. The integrated computer interprets the existing situation, and it makes decisions about necessary changes so that the article of clothing intelligently responds and automatically adapts its thermal properties in accordance with the environment and physical activities of the wearer. Initial research activities and development have shown the justification of introducing the concept of intelligent clothing, while prototypes and parts of metrology equipment have been recognized by the innovation community with awards. The objectives of this project are to improve the architecture of the sensor-computer-actuator system, to design new ergonomically shaped segmented thermal insulation chambers and technical subsystems using high-tech welding methods and to create a new generation of intelligent clothing prototypes. The operation and characteristics of the technical subsystems and the reaction rate of intelligent clothing will be investigated. A new research laboratory for complete measurements of thermal properties of clothing shall also be established. The integration of metrology subsystems will be performed in the new climatic chamber. On the basis of these research activities, the final optimization of the reactions of intelligent clothing will be performed, and its properties in changing environmental conditions under laboratory conditions and during physical activities of the wearer will be determined. The final objective of this project is to create a sophisticated prototype and to study the properties of new kind of intelligent clothing and to establish a new laboratory for testing thermal properties of all types of clothing.